Pakistan: What Billions of US Aid Dollars?

A sample A-frame home built by U.S. Agency for International Development partner GOAL in Bagh, Pakistan. Photo by: USAID

A senior Pakistani official has dismissed notions that his country is getting billions of dollars in U.S. aid.

Speaking on Monday (April 18) before an audience at the Washington-based Woodrow Wilson Center policy think tank, Pakistani Finance Minister Hafiz Shaikh said the Asian nation has not even received $300 million of the pledged $1.5 billion under the Kerry-Lugar-Berman Act aid package this year. The five-year civilian assistance package amounts to $7.5 billion.

“It is largely a myth that Pakistan is a beneficiary of tens of billions of dollars,” Shaikh said, as quoted by Reuters.

He acknowledged that the funding can “have far-reaching consequences for the people of Pakistan” but only if it is spent properly.

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