Palestinian Authority

    Under a sea blockade, the coastal Gaza Strip has now become a seafood importer. Its desperate fishermen - cut off from plentiful fishing grounds by Israeli patrol boats - have turned to sneaking into Egyptian waters in tiny motorboats to buy their catch and bring it home, or must bring in fish by land, through smuggling tunnels from Egypt. And even though the Mediterranean is right on Gaza’s doorstep, locals are creating fish ponds to provide Gaza’s 1.5 million people their key source of protein. Gaza’s 3,600 fishermen are not allowed to go out further than 5.5 kilometers. If they cross the line, they risk coming under fire from Israeli gunboats. Five fishermen have been killed, more than 20 wounded and dozens arrested in attacks on boats, said the Israeli human rights group Gisha. The permitted zone is overfished and can’t sustain the fishermen, said Nizar Ayyash, head of the fishermen’s union. “It’s not a sea for fishing, it’s a pool for fishing,” he said. (AP)

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