Partnership to help small African farmers launched

The Millennium Challenge Corporation is the latest organization to sign up for the campaign by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa to boost agriculture in the continent. The agreement would entail AGRA, which former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan leads, to distribute seeds and fertilizers, and train the rural poor while the MCC would invest in vital infrastructure such as roads and irrigation systems. “The African farmer … is the only farmer in the world who takes all the risk herself because they have no access to capital, they have no insurance, they have hardly any help from their governments,” Annan remarked. “Like AGRA, MCC believes that one of the most significant ways we can promote poverty reduction and sustainable economic growth throughout Africa is to improve capacity and efficiency of the agricultural sector,” MCC CEO John Danilovich said. Last week in Rome, AGRA also formalized partnerships with the World Food Program and two other U.N. food agencies.

Source: AGRA, US join forces to help small-scale African farmers (AFP)

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