Philippines may Lose MCC Funding

    Philippine Senator Mar Roxas warned that the Philippines is at risk of forfeiting funding from the Millennium Challenge Corporation after falling short of the agency’s “control of corruption” indicator. “The Philippines fails the control of corruption indicator after passing it in each year since the inception of the MCC,” according to the Center for Global Development, the Washington-based think-tank that monitors and analyzes activities supported by the Millennium Challenge Account. “This new score will raise questions about the Philippines’ eligibility just as it initiates [MCC] compact development,” the report added. Roxas believes CGD’s finding “is a big slap on the integrity of the government and will definitely adversely affect international confidence in the Arroyo Administration.” (“Arroyo gov’t fails US aid firm’s ‘control of corruption’ test” - ABS-CBN News, Oct. 19, 2008)

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