Post-MDG framework: No to 'last minute rush'

    The Millennium Development Goals. Photo by: U.S. Mission in Geneva

    The start of the consultation process for a framework past the 2015 deadline of the Millennium Development Goals is approaching, but the United Nations, which every country expects to spearhead such action, seems to be in a disarray.

    According to the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, co-chair of the Beyond 2015 campaign, the United Nations has not released concrete details of the consultation process, which is starting in May.

    In a report released Friday (April 6), CAFOD said the global body does not even have half the needed funds to complete the consultations. In addition, U.N. coordinators were being left to decide for themselves who they should include in the process. Worse, the poorest people might not even get to have a voice in the consultations — which CAFOD calls a must if the world wants to meet success with the post-MDG framework.

    The report, titled ”1,000 Days: An End and a New Beginning,” made a list of what the international community can do to make sure no “last minute rush” happens in coming up with a post-MDG framework.

    The organization said the United Nations needs to set clear and binding deadlines for proposals and in the establishment of the new framework. But the international community should not assume that the United Nations can do all the work. Thus, donors should also provide support to consultations to be conducted by civil society.

    The new framework should also include environmental sustainability, which was not part of the MDGs, the report said. In addition, it should target groups that have made least progress to date on the MDGs - these are women and girls, and people in rural and remote areas.

    The report also urged world leaders, such as the U.K. government, to show leadership in putting the post-MDG framework on the agenda of every international meeting and see the “bigger picture” rather than vying for personal interests when it comes to the final framework.

    Most importantly, planning for the post-MDG framework should not distract governments and NGOs from pursuing the MDGs, but rather complement efforts to achieve the goals, the report said.

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