How can public and private spheres foster innovation? The answer can be as simple as bringing together massive companies with small startups, explains Bob Schukai, head of innovation at Thomson Reuters.

Government may always move slower than tech, but it can still create opportunities for experimentation, Bob Schukai, head of applied innovation at Thomson Reuters, told Devex President and Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar at Devex World.

Collaboration between the public and private spheres is essential, Schukai said, to create an environment that allows for creative, innovative solutions to the world’s problems. From bringing coding into the curriculum in the United Kingdom to using blockchain tech in the financial sector, the first important step is communication between sectors and actors of varying size and type.

Watch the video above for more from Schukai on how actors from both public and private spheres can foster innovation and what role government can play in this agenda.

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