Push for aid for trade intensifies

Negotiators at the World Trade Organization are banking on development aid to get the stalled Doha round talks moving. Argentina believes such funding would make the Doha round more acceptable to developing nations. “Aid for trade should become an important component of market access for low-income countries, as part of the Doha Development Agenda,” it said. A global review session on this subject is slated for next month and the hope is that this would pave the way for the resumption of negotiations. Amy Barry, who heads Oxfam’s office dealing with WTO, disagreed with Argentina’s opinion. “Aid for trade should not be used – either as a carrot or a stick – to encourage developing countries to sign a trade agreement that does not promote their development interests. No amount of aid can compensate for fundamentally unfair and harmful trade rules.” (Source: Development aid back in focus at WTO as talks sour/Reuters)

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