Reaching the Millennium Development Goals

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Across the world, progress in pursuing the Millennium Development Goals is uneven, with sub-Saharan Africa as the region that lags the most, says Raj M. Desai, nonresident senior fellow on global economy and development at the Wolfensohn Center for Development at Brookings, in a three-part video Q&A. A few excerpts:

    In light of the U.N. Summit on the Millennium Development Goals, Nonresident Senior Fellow Raj Desai gives reasons why many countries have been slow to make progress toward the 2015 targets. He states that the recent food and global economic crises have had an impact; and given these events, he does not see donor countries increasing their commitments within the next five years.

    Uneven Progress Toward MGDs (Q&A part 1) Raj Desai says that many countries will not achieve the MDGs by 2015, but adds that progress has been quite uneven across and within regions.

    Recent Crises Slow MDG Progress (Q&A part 2)Raj Desai gives reasons why progress has been slow in reaching the 2015 targets for the MDGs, including the recent food and global economic crises.

    Donors Unlikely to Increase Commitments (Q&A part 3)Given the current economic conditions and the politics involved, it is not realistic to see donors increase commitments to reach the MDGs, states Raj Desai.

    Re-published with permission by the Wolfensohn Center for Development at Brookings. Visit the original article.

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