Rural Development, UE Project Coordinator Food Facility, OIKOS, Guatemala (since January 2010).

    1. Veterinarian; further qualification in tropical livestock & rural development, environmental science and project management.

    2. 20 years working experience; over 16 years working in the field of International Development and Cooperation in Latin America (Guatemala, Salvador, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Brazil), Africa (Morocco, Chad and Mozambique); Eastern Europe (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo).

    3. Rural Development, Rural Development; promotion of small-scale, low external input livestock / agriculture production systems; animal husbandry (reproduction, nutrition, housing and health), livestock re-stoking, rural environmental management (including water and vegetal coverage management), farming systems; agriculture extension, preventive and curative veterinary works, including vaccination campaigns, meat inspection and veterinary public health issues.

    4. 15 years experience in managing project & programs on development, rehabilitation, emergency and technical assistance. Project Cycle Management (project/programme identification, preparation, appraisal, implementation, M&E, etc.)  Strategic vision. Creative and participatory management style. Good communicator. Sound budgeting / financial skills. Knowledge of major key donors regulations / procedures (UN, EU,WB and many others). Ability to establish priorities, respect deadlines, and work collaboratively and independently. Excellent spoken and written professional English.

    5. Experience in managing European Union pre-accession support projects on the field of food safety, animal health and veterinary / phytosanitary border inspections, institutional strengthening, capacity building, EU / WTO legal approximation and elaboration of EC PRAG complaint tender dossiers for works and supplies. Training programs, knowledge management, ToT, publications.

    6. Strategic vision, creative and participatory management style, good team player, motivator, multi-tasked. Sound budgeting / financial skills. Knowledge of major key donors’ regulations / procedures. Comfortable with external coordination, representation, and networking.

    7. Strong cross-cultural sensitivity and appreciation of key values essential for humankind development. Useful diplomacy skills to operate in complex and competitive political environments, ability to work under pressure and in unstable security environments.