Searching for Closure: A Kony2012 Postscript

      Solome Lemma (@InnovateAfrica) and I hosted a live discussion today to reflect together on the issues that came up from our posts on #StopKony. Sharing an excerpt below. Photo below by Joop Rubens.

      Jennifer: I had thought about not writing [a follow-up post] myself, but creating a respository of Ugandan responses to Kony2012. @whydev has theirs (see it here) but people have been visiting the How Matters Facebook page specifically in order to find grassroots perspectives.

      Solome: …and I think that’s were you and I add value. Given our experiences and background, we can share information on the work of local activists and organizations in Northern Uganda that are at the heart of the change that is taking place in their communities.

      Jennifer: Solome & I have both worked for international grantmakers who focus on providing small grants to local, indigenous organizations in sub-Saharan Africa.

      Solome: So, what next? Where do we take this conversation and what’s our role, especially as people who are not Ugandan but are allies and partners?

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