SELF, from where it comes?

      After a long time, from dull busy schedule an extreme urge felt to share something which much common but not conscious. We talk with lots many people in day, some are known some are not. One strange thing seems to be unknown to all of is SELF.  Knowing self, for first instance seems to spiritual question, in reality it is not.

      Self is constructed socially, our ideas and behavior are not independent, and it depends on culture (norms + values) in which we belong. Simple example for it can be, our knowledge of language, we can understand, think and imagine only in languages which has been taught to us. We modify our look and behavior as per the situation or settings in which we live or go. No one feels to go office or school in night dress though night dress is most comfortable garment.

      Self is basically constructed by two elements, I and ME while there also exist hair line difference between I and ME, I is something which related to our instincts while ME is something which is related to our BEING, I makes us animal while ME adds social before that animal. I feel to run naked on roads but ME restricts I by doing so, because ME has social image and cultural constraints. ME is real SELF not I, ME has to fulfill assigned roles and there exists ways of ‘punishments’ for ME if it do not fulfill their role. For instance, if ME is ‘BOY’ he has to be in certain attire, if that do not happens, society will consider that boy as a deviant. The basic task of ME is to stop I by doing things which is not accepted in culture and by doing this it makes SELF which meant to showcase I in form in ME to outer world.

      The real liberty of an individual is felt when there exists less or no gap between I and ME, self-realization is nothing but its understanding of boundary between I and ME. Once person realize this boundary, he/she considered as liberal in true sense. Thus, basic goal of SELF should be knowing boundaries between I and ME and acting for elongation of both.