September's top reads: Rescission efforts, Africa's agtech, teachers and tablets

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Between U.S. aid spending battles, leadership transitions, and global convenings, September has been a busy month. Our reporters have been tracking the U.S. aid budget and ongoing developments with the new U.S. DFI, chronicling what’s next for DFID under Boris Johnson, and keeping on top of negotiations around UHC, climate, and other issues unfolding at this year’s U.N. General Assembly.

For our Pro subscribers, we took our coverage deeper, providing exclusive stories and digital events that analyzed breaking news — including the White House’s rescission attempts, as well as global trends such as African agtech, tablets in the classroom, and more.

Here’s a look at our top-read Pro stories this month:

  1. In wake of rescission battle, US aid community faces spending restrictions. The White House pulled back on a plan to rescind billions of dollars in foreign aid funding — but the Office of Management and Budget continues to impose spending restrictions on U.S. development agencies.

  2. Can tablets really improve teaching in low-income countries? We looked at the data behind the movement to equip teachers with tablets to weigh the evidence in the fiery debate around global education technology.

  3. Conference call: Inside the White House attacks on US aid. The Trump administration has tried, and failed, to redirect already-appropriated aid money for a second time. We went inside the political battle between the White House and Congress — and the implications for USAID.

  4. How can agtech live up to the hype in Africa? At the African Green Revolution Forum in Ghana, stakeholders debated the role of new technologies in helping the continent reach its agricultural potential.

  5. Q&A: How UNDP plans to become an 'employer of choice' The global workforce is changing — and UNDP has a new plan for how to keep pace. We looked at the agency’s new “People for 2030” strategy.

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