Serving citizens @24/7 -m-Government to be key for delivering public services in the third milennium

    Mobile technologies combined with power of 3G are ideal for making mission-critical data (voice, data, video, maps) available on-demand and on-site through mobile devices . Mobile government is going to be the mantra for new generation of civil servantsThe mighty computer is soon going to be dethroned! The age of desktops and lap tops is going to be history. The mobile computing has arrived. The next generation of citizens as well as public servants would expect everything online, on the move rather than waiting in line. Sooner the public sector agencies realize this, better they will be positioned to develop future compliant m-Government initiatives. The generation Z! – the citizens who are beginning to use government services are technology savvy with mobile based communications being inseparable part of their professional and personal life. They will expect the government services to be delivered when and where they want them, anywhere and at any time. The new generation of public servants will continue to move away from the cubicle culture to location based work environments and will deploy the mobile workers in the field where they are most effective. The trend for mobile work culture is already a reality in the corporate sector and is also supported by various quarters in the interest of reducing global warming, pollution etc.The computing capabilities of mobile devices are increasing rapidly with mobile technologies making mission critical data available on demand and on-sites through mobile devices and networks that support them. The proliferation of Wi-Fi networks, broadband penetration and rapidly increasing number of mobile phones is indicator of the emergence of mobile society in very near future.