Signs of progress for Australian aid untying

Australian Agency for International Development Director-General Peter Baxter. AusAID seems to be on track in untying aid. Photo by: Russell Watkins / Department for International Development / CC BY-NC-SA

In 2006, the global development community praised Australia for untying the vast majority of its foreign aid. With the policy decision, Australia joined the ranks of Ireland, the United Kingdom and Norway as leaders of the aid untying movement which continues to gain steady momentum across the international donor community.

Today, most of Australia’s aid remains untied, meaning Australian foreign aid contracts are open to international competition as opposed to a limited pool of suppliers based in Australia.

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About the author

  • Sharmila parmanand

    Sharmila Parmanand

    Sharmila is currently an instructor at the University of Vermont. She has a master’s degree in gender and development and has supervised and conducted research projects on human trafficking and related issues. She has also worked as a debate and public-speaking consultant in more than 20 countries.