Simon Maxwell on UK Aid Budget Hike: DfID Can Handle It

With a budget reaching 11.5 billion pounds (USD18.5 billion) over the next four years, is the U.K. Department for International Development capable of ramping up its efforts?

Given three years to prepare and more aid likely to be channeled through budget support and multilateral organizations, Simon Maxwell, a senior research associate of the Overseas Development Institute, is optimistic that DfID could manage the funding.

DfID “could not spend 30 [percent] more with 30 [percent] fewer staff without doing business differently,” Maxwell writes in his blog.

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Maxwell deems that additional U.K. aid could “usefully be spent” since “aid works” in improving health, education and infrastructure in poor nations. It is also “an investment” in Britain’s own welfare and security, as pointed out by the U.K.’s new national security strategy, he adds.

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