#SheBuilds communities, economies, innovations and the future - and the Internet overwhelmingly agrees.

Since launching She Builds, a campaign centered around the contributions of women in global development and vice versa, on International Women's Day, hundreds of thousands of individuals and scores of organizations have participated in the conversation on our site and on social media; they include some of the aid industry's biggest movers and shakers.

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On our website, readers have been sharing recommendations on how to address gender gaps and promote women empowerment.

Although gender gaps exist everywhere, the interventions will have to be tailored to specific circumstances, such as improving education access in the Caribbean, said Sylvia Charles. Legal frameworks, whether formal legislation or customs law, can inhibit gender equality, she added.

Carla Yu suggested that employment doesn't just bring new skills and an income, but it also provides women with the dignity that comes with "knowing their services are sought."

"This could also motivate them to instill in their children what education can give and what life's choices are," Yu said.

#SheBuilds will continue through the first week of April, and there are ample and a variety of ways for you to still get involved. Click here to find out.

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