South Sudan seeks Australia's help

    A southern Sudan mission is in Australia in the hope of persuading the latter to invest in and provide more aid to the African nation. “It is timely that the Australian people, that the Australian Government, that the Australian NGOs, the the Australian churches and so on come to the southern Sudan now to support the people because the need is just incredible,” Lieutenant General James Wani Igga, the Speaker of the South Sudan Parliament, said. “We felt that as a thanksgiving to Australia, as a gratitude, we have decided to appeal to the investors in Australia rather than going far to other parts of the world so that Australia is the first to benefit and we can also benefit in turn from the technology of Australians and the skill of Australians,” he added. Igga identified the uranium, diamond, gold and oil mining sectors as areas where Australian companies may invest in. (Source: South Sudan appeals for Aust aid, investment/Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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