Disaster prep and safety nets: How to #BuildResilience in our cities

Residents in the community of Bull Sirpi in Nicaragua prepare maps as part of a disaster preparedness project. Photo by: Silvio Balladares / EC / ECHO / CC BY-ND

By 2030, climate change and natural disasters are projected to push up to 77 million urban residents into poverty. But with the right investment in resilience capabilities such as infrastructure and disaster preparedness, millions of people could be saved — physically and financially.

Devex hosted an expert Twitter Chat in partnership with the World Bank Independent Evaluation Group to ask experts attending this year’s World Bank Spring Meetings how the development community can better assist countries in improving their resilience to systemic shocks.

The chat was moderated by Raj Kumar, Devex president and editor-in-chief.

The expert panelists included:

Robert Glasser, Special representative of the secretary-general for disaster risk reduction and head, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Caroline Heider, Director-General, IEG - World Bank Group
Ede Ijjasz-Vásquez, Senior director, social, urban, rural & resilience global practice, World Bank Group

Here are the highlights:

Why is building resilient & sustainable cities & communities important for global development?

See all the answers for question one here. 

How can countries be better prepared for natural disasters, as well as social & economic shocks?

See all the answers for question two here.

What are innovative ways to integrate resilience & sustainability into countries’ growth and infrastructure?

► See all the answers for question three here. 

How can we ensure funding to build resilience in developing countries?

► See all the answers for question four here. 

What do you hope  will be achieved at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Mexico?  

► See all the answers for question five here. 

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