Strauss-Kahn claims gaining more support for IMF bid

More countries are supporting the candidacy of Dominique Strauss-Kahn for the top job at the International Monetary Fund, according to the European nominee himself. These nations include Brazil, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. “I want to convince the most important countries in the IMF that I am the best candidate,” the former French finance minister said following meetings with Saudi Finance Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf and central bank chief Hamad al-Sayyari. “That’s the reason why I was in South Africa. I had the support of President (Thabo) Mbeki. I was in Brazil and took the support of President (Luiz Inacio) Lula (da Silva) and now I’m here in Riyadh.” Strauss-Kahn also revealed he discussed the issue of IMF reforms with officials of the said governments. “The question of quotas has to be solved and emerging countries have to be better represented in the Fund. It’s a question of diversifying the staff … we had a long talk about that,” he remarked. “The situation of a country like Saudi Arabia is special because they are not among the developed countries but not among the world’s borrowers … They have very great influence in the Fund and should keep this influence.” Other countries that also endorsed Strauss-Kahn’s bid include Senegal and Egypt. (Source: Strauss-Kahn says S.Africa, Brazil, Saudi back IMF bid/Reuters)

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