AFRICA: African finance ministers have said the G8 wealthiest nations should reform the $5.4 billion technical assistance package given to the continent yearly, mostly in the form of foreign expatriates, to benefit the countries themselves. The Panafrican News Agency reports that Zambian Deputy Finance Minister Felix Mutati said the G8 Summit set for 6-8 July in Gleneagles, Scotland, should reform the technical assistance given to Africa to enable countries enhance the provision of health and education services. "Let us move away from the traditional technical assistance. The use of expatriates to help in the implementation of projects does benefit us. This is the message we would be taking to the G8 summit," said Mutati. African Finance Ministers are in Nairobi for the 14 session of the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) Board of Governors meeting where they would discuss the training of African professionals to help in steering government programs.

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