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At Devex World on June 14, we’ll explore how and why global development has become a more dynamic, competitive, and yes, global, ecosystem. Even in a troubled time there is reason to believe this new era can be the moment when our community does more good for more people than ever before. Devex World will explore key crosscutting themes emblematic of this new era: how business is transforming development; what it means to innovate at scale; the challenge of not just telling stories but building movements; and what new models of funding will mean for our fast-growing and dynamic ecosystem.

In the week leading up to Devex World, we want to hear from you. Submit and tweet your questions to our expert speakers and panelists.

Devex World luminaries

We’ll hear from the innovators, activists, and passionate leaders who refuse to give up or give in. Check out the full list of Devex World speakers. Here are just a few to expect.

Ben Rhodes, deputy national security advisor for U.S. President Barack Obama.

Ben Rhodes

Ben is the deputy national security advisor for U.S. President Barack Obama. As President Obama's principal communications aide on national security, Ben oversees all communications, speechwriting, and global engagement on national security. He previously led speechwriting at the White House and for the Obama campaign.

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Ellen Stofan, chief scientist at NASA.

Ellen Stofan

Dr. Stofan serves as principal advisor to the NASA administrator on science programs and science-related strategic planning and investments. She most recently served as vice president at Proxemy Research and as an honorary professor at University College London.

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Zenia Tata, executive director of global development of XPRIZE.

Zenia Tata

Zenia leads XPRIZE’s global expansion by designing and launching exciting prizes to address failures in the traditional development sector. She has worked across 20 countries, always at the nexus of technology and social impact, focusing on how to leverage technological innovations for greater good.

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Julie Hanna, President Obama’s presidential ambassador for global entrepreneurship.

Julie Hanna

Julie serves as executive chair of the board at Kiva, the world's first and largest crowdlending marketplace for global entrepreneurs. In 2015, she was appointed by President Obama to serve as presidential ambassador for global entrepreneurship. She spent 25 years pioneering industry defining innovations in Silicon Valley.

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Helene Gayle, chief executive officer at McKinsey Social Initiative.

Helene Gayle

Dr. Gayle leads McKinsey & Company’s global non-profit to solve the world’s most critical and challenging social issues.

She is an expert on global development, having been CEO at CARE USA and spending years at the CDC and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Devex World themes

Devex covers the most pressing issues, from the rising inequities, to the warming planet, and the growing conflicts that characterize our world today. At Devex World, we’ll help you see what’s coming and what you and your organization must do differently, focusing on five streams essential for every development professional.

Data Revolution: Impact, results and proven successes are essential to set your work apart. Devex World will explore how data is fundamentally transforming monitoring and evaluation, and doing so much more: revolutionizing interventions in every sector and changing the way all projects are designed.

From Storytelling to Movement Building: Don’t "communicate" at me. Tell me a story. It’s a way of thinking about advocacy that’s fit for this era of social media conversation. And the potential — including to build a movement around your mission — is real. Hear from those at the vanguard of a whole new way of communicating.

New Funding Models: Financial innovation isn’t just for Wall Street. It’s driving a whole new way of doing development that’s reaching the poorest. Gain a new level of fluency in the language of social enterprise, impact investing, and blended finance, and translate the latest thinking into opportunities in your own work.

Innovating at Scale: It’s the most overused word: innovation. But scale adds a new dimension that changes the whole idea. Delivering real, measurable change to people in need today by the millions is no buzzword — it’s the future of global development. We’ll uncover — together — the opportunities for your mission.

Business Transforming Development: The intersection of business and global development is rich terrain. We’ll mine it together. New business models and new imperatives around climate, health, and supply chains are converging. Creating real business opportunities and lasting change — a transformation for our world and the way all of us work everyday.

So what do you want to ask these experts? Submit your questions in the comments section of this story or tweet them. Follow #DevexWorld to see everyone's questions. And we’ll use some of your questions at the event, so reserve your place for this groundbreaking global development event on Tuesday, June 14, at The Mead Center for American Theater in Washington, D.C.

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