Togo banks on fair elections to resume donor relations

Togo is hoping that the parliamentary elections this weekend would assure the donor community that the country has adopted democracy and urge it to reconsider its aid policy towards the African state. “The successful holding of these elections is a decisive step on the path to a just and lasting settlement of this crisis which is sapping our country, and to its return to normal relations with all its development partners,” said Union of Forces for Change of opposition veteran Gilchrist Olympio. “It was the undemocratic nature of Togo’s politics that led to the cessation of relations with the donor community in 1993, but now … a real opportunity to put Togo back on the right footing on the international stage has been created,” according to Kissy Agyeman, Africa analyst at research group Global Insight. (Source: Togo hopes polls will restore democracy, donor aid/Reuters)

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