Top DFID consulting firm employers in London

A view of the PricewaterhouseCoopers office in London. Photo by: Michael Broad / CC BY-NC-ND

London is home to the Department for International Development, the U.K.’s lead agency for aid and development and a key funder working toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. DFID funds a large number of development organizations, including global development consultancies — a large proportion of which are U.K. firms. Many of these development consulting companies are headquartered from London because of its proximity to DFID and its international accessibility. With five major airports as well as Eurostar connections to Brussels (another international development hub), Paris, and beyond, it’s a prime location.

If you are looking to work in London, here is a list of the top global development consulting firms with their head offices based in the U.K. capital. The first nine firms received the largest DFID disbursements in 2017.

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