Transparency on the agenda as we approach HLF4

    By Olga Kozhaeva, communications and advocacy associate at the Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness

    Civil society organizationsfrom across the globe will consolidate outcomes of a comprehensive two-year consultation process spanning over 80 countries at the second and final Global Assembly of the Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness, 28-30 June in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

    At multilateral negotiations during the OECD 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4) later this year, the Open Forum will contribute to provide CSO input on what it means for CSOs to be effective development actors in their own right. It will do so by means of a consolidated international framework of principles, guidelines, and conditions required from governments and donors. 

    Transparency and accountability and are a red thread throughout national, regional and sectoral consultations with civil society undertaken as part of the Open Forum process. They are a pre-condition for effective development identified by CSOs for themselves as well as for partner governments and donors.

    The first Global Assembly of the Open Forum endorsed the eight Istanbul Principles of CSO Development Effectiveness. Transparency and Accountability are embodied in Principle 5:

    “CSOs are effective as development actors when they demonstrate a sustained organizational commitment to transparency, multiple accountability, and integrity in their internal operations.”

    Transparency and accountability are prominent also in multi-stakeholder dialogue within the OECD Task Team on CSO Development Effectiveness and Enabling Environment, co-chaired by the Open Forum. Key messages of the Task Team for HLF4 call all development actors to “share responsibility for accountability and transparency on aid and development efforts.”

    Civil society in the Open Forum process addresses effective development as one promoting human rights, sustainable impact, inclusion, and social equity – all of which cannot take place without a strong emphasis on transparency and accountability of all actors involved. CSOs will address these and more vital questions at the Global Assembly of the Open Forum at the end of this month and further in the run-up to HLF4 – and beyond.

    What outcomes should be achieved at HLF4 later this month in Cambodia? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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