A power struggle between Turkey’s Islamic-rooted government and its fiercely secular military escalated Tuesday when a court formally charged a senior general with plotting to overthrow the civilian leadership. The former head of the country’s National Security Council, Gen. Sukru Sariisik, joined dozens of serving and retired senior officers accused of conspiring to destabilize the government in a conspiracy dubbed Balyoz, or “the sledgehammer.” The court also charged another retired general and a colonel. Prosecutors have not made public any evidence or even details of the accusations since they were first made in January. But the national newspaper Taraf has published what it calls leaked copies of documents by the conspirators detailing their plans. Those include blowing up at least two major mosques during Friday prayers; assassinating some Christian and Jewish leaders; and shooting down a Turkish warplane and blaming it on Greece, the country’s historic rival. (AP)

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