Thousands of people have attended the site of a Ugandan royal mausoleum destroyed by fire last week, for the start of a week of mourning. Many people wore traditional clothes, such as white tunics or kanzus and items made from bark cloth. The burning of the tombs of the Buganda kingdom sparked protests in which at least two people were killed. Government supporters and Buganda’s King Ronald Mutebi have been at loggerheads since riots last year. The government has said it will help rebuild the site and Baganda ministers are discussing the plans. It remains unclear what started the fire, although some suspect arson. Buganda is the largest of Uganda’s four ancient kingdoms; abolished in 1966 but reinstated by President Yoweri Museveni’s government in 1993. However, he restored them only as cultural institutions with no political power. Supporters of King Ronald believe he should have more power and influence than Museveni allows. (BBC)

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