UN addresses Haiti hunger on multiple fronts

Different United Nations agencies are set to hand out 8,000 tons of food, on top of other services, in a measure seeking to curb civilian unrest amid escalating food costs in Haiti. The U.N. Children’s Fund agreed to step up feeding initiatives for malnourished children, and earmarked USD1.6 million to improve water and sanitation in northwest Haiti. The World Food Program will use its resources to target women, children and nursing mothers in the country’s north, west and central regions. Uneasiness brought about by historically-high food prices turned violent last week, when riots broke out, killing nine. Haiti, already one of the world’s poorest countries, was hit hard by the sudden surge in food prices, as it imports 80 percent of its rice. U.N. peacekeepers disbursed 14 tons of rice, beans, sugar and cooking oil in an emergency effort last week.

Source: UN to step up food aid for Haiti following riots over prices (AP)

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