UN bands with World Bank on food crisis

Top officials from United Nations agencies and the World Bank met in Bern, Switzerland for an emergency meeting to discuss the disturbing trend involving food prices. The outcome of that event was a resolution to establish a task force that will outline plans on how the address the situation. “We consider that the dramatic escalation in food prices worldwide has evolved into an unprecedented challenge of global proportions,” the United Nations disclosed in a statement. “Though we have seen wheat prices fall over the last few days, rice and corn prices are likely to remain high, and wheat relatively so,” World Bank President Robert Zoellick said in a press briefing. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned that the problem, if it continues, “threatens to undo all our good work” towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. He reiterated the appeal for USD755 million in new donations to the World Food Program. “Without full funding of these emergency requirements, we risk again the specter of widespread hunger, malnutrition, and social unrest on an unprecedented scale,” Ban averred.

Source: U.N. and World Bank say to tackle food crisis (Reuters)

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