UN calls for sole agency to handle Africa aid

The United Nations Trade and Development Agency believes a central U.N. body should manage Africa aid instead of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which, it said, “have not lived up to expectations and are not suited to administering doubled aid.” Such structure “would replace the current chaotic system in which too many agencies, some bilateral, some multilateral, are pushing too many development projects that sometimes compete with each other, often don’t match recipients’ development goals, and are costly to administer,” the agency stressed in its new report. According to Richard Kozul-Wright, who wrote the report, “many of the aid increases over the last 40 years have been wasted as flows are dogged by unpredictability, conditionality and politicization. The commitments have been made, the question now is how can we get the biggest bang from the buck.” (Sources: World Bank, IMF unsuited for Africa aid-U.N. agency/Reuters; UN calls for African aid rethink/British Broadcasting Corp.; Poor countries ‘suffering from aid chaos’/Guardian)

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