UN official calls on Kenyan parties to resolve crisis

United Nations humanitarian relief coordinator John Holmes urged warring factions to find a solution to the post-election crisis engulfing Kenya, where brutal clashes have led to the death of thousands and the displacement of many more. “I met people in a very saddening state and psychologically traumatized. It was very moving. The people are concerned about their immediate future and the whole experience is very touching,” said the U.N. official, following his visit to camps in Nakuru, Molo, Tigoni and Nairobi, where people have sought refuge. “There is a very serious humanitarian problem involving more than 300,000 people living in camps. A political solution should be found in the shortest time to end the violence. This should be clear to the politicians who must also tackle the fundamental problems behind the violence,” he added. (Source: UN official calls for quick solution to stop suffering/Daily Nation)

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