UN props up poorer states' creative industry

    The United Nations has spearheaded an initiative that hopes to make poorer countries aware of the tremendous export potential of their local creative industries, citing China as a prime example of a developing country-turned-top exporter. “If effective policies are in place, the creative economy has the potential to foster economic growth, job creation and exports earnings,” noted U.N. trade and development agency (UNCTAD) secretary general Supachai Panitchpakdi. “What we want to do is open the eyes of leaders in many parts of the developing world to the real potential lying unused in their countries,” said Edna dos Santos, another UNCTAD expert. Trade in the little-recognized creative industries are actually one of the most dynamic sectors in a country, said the organization, and the demand for more creative goods has risen over the last few years.

    Source: UN aims boost creative industries in poorer states (Reuters)

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