UN relief chief sees more Nokor aid with reactor shutdown

U.N. humanitarian chief John Holmes expressed hope that North Korea’s decision to close down its nuclear reactor would bring in more aid to the country. “The situation with the nuclear security agreement has eased a bit. South Korea has agreed to resume its own food aid and also made a donation to the World Food Program,” Holmes said. The prospect of receiving more food aid is welcome news as many North Koreans continue to suffer hunger and health problems due to limited access provided to U.N. aid workers. “The World Food Program has been saying for some time that they’re not meeting the needs. There’s also a question of access and monitoring. It’s not the easiest place in the world to operate. To operate successfully you have to be able to control what you’re giving.” (Source: UN Aid Chief Hopes N Korea Reactor Shutdown Will Spur Help/The Associated Press)

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