UN Should Plan Beyond 2015, Experts Say

The opening session of the U.N. summit on the Millennium Development Goals. The U.N. can gain new momentum despite the effects of the global economic crisis, according to Sabina Dewan and Isha Vij of the Center for American Progress. Photo by: Rick Bajornas / UN

The ongoing high-level U.N. summit on the Millennium Development Goals in New York is an ideal venue for world leaders to revisit their priorities and “plot a long-term plan of action” toward measurable advances on the eight goals, two officials of a U.S.-based think tank argue.

Sabina Dewan and Isha Vij, of the Center for American Progress, explain that the U.N. can gain new momentum, even as the world reels from the effects of the recent global economic crisis, by recasting the MDGs in the following ways:

- Evaluating the importance of the goals in the context of their benefits to all countries, not just developing ones.

- Building coherent, long-term development plans that plot action beyond 2015.- Exploring new financing solutions through public-private forums.- Placing the creation of more and better jobs at the heart of long-term development plans.

Dewan and Vij argue that while various studies report progress toward some of the goals, these advancements are not enough.

“Global leaders must formulate a long-term plan of action on a global level, but also on regional, national, and local levels through government and civic engagement,” the two say. “And financial and technical assistance must come from diverse sources—from UN member state governments and international institutions, as well as from within the private sector.”

Dewan is the Center for American Progress’ associate director of international economic policy, while Vij is a special assistant for economic policy at the center.

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