Unemployment and I'm in it.

    I’ve been unemployed since the end of February and its totally alien to me. I was working on an overseas project in Africa, I shalln’t bore you with the detail unless you want to meet for a pint and I will face to face. I live now in Westgate on Sea, a suburb of Margate that is on the tip of Kent on the Isle of Thanet….though it isn’t an Island these days! Unemployment has always been bad here and that is why I have moved around the south of England a lot working in the past. I moved back for other reasons I shalln’t bore you with. Unfortunately whilst I have to sign on every two weeks to collect £62.00 a week the Job centre is really angled at blue-collar workers. I have no issue with doing blue-collar work but blue-collar employers seem to have an issue employing me. Having worked in Revenue & Customs for 22 years and recent experience in Overseas Consultancy leaves them, I suspect, thinking I’ll be off at the next sniff of a project, and they’re probably right. I have a career to grow but needs must where work is concerned. Consultancy work is erratic and seeing how I was supposed to be employed on a contract for 4 years I thought I would be set up to expand this career choice after Customs, build a financial buffer to deal with  the erraticity of the work later on. Well you have to take these chances in life, calculate the risk. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t! That said I have two consultancies who seem to suggest I meet their requirements subject to work coming available. Anyway, if you want re-training you either have to pay it yourself, okay but I have no money, or if you have a job to go to the Job centre will consider paying for the training. That aside I have put myself through several Business Link courses to run one’s own business however start ups cost. The courses are free and I highly recommend them. On the career front I have offered my service for free to firms for up to a month and not had any replies, I have had my CV professionally assessed too. Colleagues I was on the same project with have had similar problems. I look upon my situation though as an opportunity. Despite all the letters to recruiters and no replies, isn’t it a case that the courtesy of a reply goes with the territory of recruitment, or that it shoud? If you can’t bother with a reply then are you as a recruiter in the right profession? I am after all a potential customer, like many many others and I am sorry if recruiters are overburdened with letters but that is how it is, sorry. What other industries ignore potential clients? The worse recession nearly in living memory and I’ve landed in it with no job. Doh! as one yellow cartoon character might say! Happy Sunday.