USAID completes $12M program in Liberia

    The U.S. Agency for International Development has effectively completed its Community Peace-Building and Development Program, which ran for five years in 200 different villages in Liberia. According to U.S. Ambassador to Liberia Donald Booth, the $12 million project centered on rebuilding relations among the Liberian communities involved, as well as on improving their social, economic, and political conditions. “Much of that progress has been in communities where people are committed to peaceful resolution of disputes and collaborative involvement in productive activities that spur the nation’s development,” said Booth, who later commended the Mercy Corps and their two local partners, the Action for Greater Harvest and the National Adult Educational Association of Liberia, for the success of the project.

    Source: 200 Villages Benefit From USAID Programs (The Inquirer-Liberia)

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