USAID official murdered in Sudan

Unnamed assailants gunned down U.S. Agency for International Development official John Granville, as the diplomat was heading home in an embassy car just after midnight on New Year’s day. U.S. embassy representatives failed to identify the motives behind the attack, stating only that the official died of multiple gunshot wounds. “Unfortunately, he just died,” said U.S. embassy public diplomacy officer Walter Braunohler. The attack came one day after U.S. president George W. Bush ratified a law to dissuade states, government agencies, and mutual and pension funds to invest in corporations with business ties to Sudan’s oil sector. The Bush administration made the move in response to the ongoing conflict in Darfur, which the U.S. tagged as “genocide.” The Sudanese government has vehemently rejected such description. Granville’s driver also died during the the attack.

Source: Gunmen kill U.S. official in Sudan (Reuters)

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