We're investigating sexual violence in the aid industry

Sexual assault and harassment is a major problem across the international development industry. According to the Report the Abuse survey, 86 percent of aid workers know a colleague who has experienced sexual violence associated with their work.

A deeper focus on sexual harassment and assault and violence in aid

Devex has been covering sexual harassment and assault in the aid industry, and now we’re deepening our focus. The #MeToo movement is spurring change across Hollywood, media, and politics. It’s time to hold our own industry accountable, too.

If you have a story, we’ll listen. Across our industry, we’re looking to highlight policies that work to combat sexual violence, and the ones that are failing. We’re looking to play our part in fostering real change.

What we’re looking for:

• Policies that work — and policies that don’t — for preventing sexual violence and harassment in the aid industry.

• Circumstances where sexual violence is a particular problem.

• Survivors who are willing to share their story, anonymously or otherwise.

• Observed trends in sexual harassment and violence in the aid industry.

Anonymity, and what it means to send a lead

By sending us a lead or sharing your story, you are helping shed much-needed light on an issue that deserves deeper reporting. We understand that sharing information with us could involve a level of personal or professional risk. We respect anonymity and will not make your identity public, no matter the circumstance, unless you have agreed that is a course of action you are comfortable with.

More information:
• Tips sent to tipline@devex.com will be shared among a small team of Devex editors who will contact you about the lead and anonymity.
• If you share a tip directly with members of our team, you may discuss the terms of anonymity with the editor or reporter of your choice.
• We will not make any story or name public unless it has been agreed that it can be public, and the story has been investigated.

How to get in touch

You can get in touch by sending an email to tipline@devex.com, or by reaching out to any of these Devex staff members by email or phone.

Sophie Edwards
@Sophie_Ed1984 on Twitter
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Christin Roby
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Abby Seiff
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Associate Editor
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Kelli Rogers
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If you are or have been a victim of sexual abuse or harassment, Hot Peach Pages provides a directory of gender-based violence organizations all over the world.

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