Webinar: How to nurture leadership in development organizations

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The global development sector presents some unique challenges for organizations and their team leads, who are often tasked with overseeing multicultural and multiskilled teams, working across different time zones and sometimes under very challenging circumstances. Strong leadership skills are essential to hiring the right people, integrating staff working remotely, and building impactful and sustainable teams.

Recognizing quiet leadership potential

Girish Menon, chief executive at ActionAid UK, talks to Devex about the value that quiet leadership can bring to an organization and how to spot this type of leadership potential.

Increasingly, there are conversations around rethinking approaches to leadership in the sector. The United Nations, for example, has launched a new leadership competencies framework with a greater focus on systems thinking and cross-functional collaboration, explained Nina Segal, co-founder of Kite, a global consulting firm specialized in supporting leadership in the humanitarian and development space.

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