Why due diligence is important in networking events

This week, Devex will be hosting its first-ever international development career fair and partnerships forum in Nairobi, Kenya. Local firms will have the chance to network with more than 40 international nongovernmental organizations, consultancies and donor agencies worldwide — and hundreds of development professionals.

So how should local organizations prepare?

By doing their homework, Aaron Williams, executive vice president of RTI’s International Development Group, said in an interview with Kelli Rogers, Devex’s assistant editor for recruitment and careers. Local firms should do their research on participating organizations to know what their key programs are and how they are being implemented. Doing so can help them engage “in really strong, interactive conversations” with these international organizations, especially those that are active in Africa.

The event is not only a venue for local firms to “showcase who they are” to international organizations, but is also a way for them to learn about the best practices in development.

RTI is among the leading international development organizations exhibiting in Nairobi and is a premium sponsor of Devex’s career fair and partnerships forum. With plans to expand its presence in Africa, RTI is looking to connect with local organizations and NGOs that work in its three core sectors: global health, education and governance.

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