World Bank backs water, energy reforms in Bangladesh

The World Bank endorsed a $102 million loan for a 7-year water project to improve flood control, drainage and irrigation systems in Bangladesh. “This initiative will benefit about 2 million poor households in gaining access to increased employment opportunities, production in crops and fish,” said the bank in a statement. The Bangladeshi government, together with the Netherlands, will also finance part of the $136.7-million water project. Additionally, Bangladesh has secured a World Bank credit worth $275 million to construct a 300 megawatt power plant at Siddhirganj. Complementing a 240 MW plant funded by the Asian Development Bank, the $400-million facility is meant reduce the big energy deficit in the country, where a current supply of 3,300 MW falls staggeringly short of the 5,000 MW demand.

Bangladesh gets $377 mln power, water loans (Reuters)
World Bank loans Bangladesh $102 mln for water plan (Reuters)

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