World Bank offers help to improve West African transport

The World Bank is preparing $201 million in credit and grants to upgrade road and rail networks connecting neighboring West African countries, Chad, Cameroon and Central African Republic. “Those three countries have some of the least functional traffic connections of any area in the world,” according to World Bank spokesman Tim Carrington. At present, travelers from Douala in Cameroon will consume 15 days to arrive in Chad’s N’Djamena and 10 days to reach Bangui in Central African Republic. The package comprises grants of $30 million grant for Chad and $24 million to Central African Republic, as well as credit worth $147 million for Cameroon. The project will also receive funding from the African Development Fund, the European Union, and the French development agency. Chad agreed to set aside oil profits to cover some of the project costs. (Source: World Bank to fund West African road, rail links/Reuters)

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