Thousands more people have been displaced by fighting between rebels and government forces in Yemen, the United Nations has said, upping the number of internal refugees to 200,000. "We now estimate that some 200,000 people have been affected by the conflict in Yemen since 2004," said Andrej Mehecic with the UNCHR. "There is no lull in the fierce fighting between the government troops and the al-Houthi forces," he added, referring to a conflict in the north of the country which has intensified since August last year. The internally displaced Yemenis were living in camps and other areas and were facing problems finding adequate shelter. In addition to facing an insurgency from the Shiite al-Houthi group, Yemen's central government also announced a major military campaign against elements accused of being associated with the international terrorist group al-Qaeda in the south of the country. (DPA)

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