Zoellick hopes to expedite post-conflict aid to Africa

World Bank president Robert Zoellick, at a meeting with African finance ministers in Liberia, promised to look into ways that would fast-track aid to African nations hoping to rebuild after wars. The agency’s top official suggested that the bank could be more effective during the initial stage of a country’s recovery, where government is still unable to provide basic services to its population. “We have to figure out some way to get some additional private capital in this,” said Zoellick. “My sense is that the earlier we can create jobs, the more it will help develop support for governments and their longer term plans. There are steps we can take with microfinance, trade financing and perhaps initial investment from some of our financial institutions,” he added. Upon his appointment as World Bank president six months ago, Zoellick has promised to devote more attention to fragile and weak post-conflict states.

Source: World Bank urges post-conflict help for W. Africa (Reuters)

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