New platform aims to bridge gap between climate data and climate action

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By Catherine Cheney

The launch of the Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness, or PREP, represents one way United States government agencies are engaging partners to harness the data revolution for climate resilience.

Saving mothers' lives begins at the grass-roots level

Community health workers — many of whom have no previous formal work experience — become recognized as powerful agents of change. Linda Pfeiffer, president and CEO of INMED Partnerships for Children, shares her organization's experiences in Peru.

Here's what happened at the final CGI annual meeting

Collective action was at the center of every CGI session. But because this is the final meeting, questions linger about who or what can continue to bring unlikely allies together to tackle some of the toughest global challenges.

The Australian approach to integrating Syrian refugees

Australia focuses its support services on individual refugee needs, a unique approach that could provide insights into how to make long-term integration a success.

Hit by DfID funding shift, UK charity Progressio to close

The 75-year-old charity relies heavily on unrestricted funding from the U.K. Department for International Development, a mechanism the U.K. aid agency says it will no longer use after December.

Q&A: UNHCR's Kelly Clements talks 'doing things very differently'

Unprecedented flows of migrants and refugees across the world are bringing world leaders together to consider new ways forward. Kelly Clements, the UNHCR's second-in-command, sat down with Devex to discuss what's at stake.

Social protection for the elderly can improve welfare of an entire population

The Sustainable Development Goals are built on the idea of leaving no one behind — and that includes the elderly. But does it make economic and social sense to invest on the welfare of the aging segment of the population? HelpAge International's Daniel Horn certainly thinks so.

Why new data on financial inclusion makes Melinda Gates want to 'stand up and cheer'

Women are currently disproportionately excluded from the financial system. But over the next decade, digital finance is likely to provide access to 1.6 billion unbanked people, more than half of them women.

New UN Women, Gates Foundation partnership takes on gender data

Twelve countries will receive support from a starting pool of $11 million through a new public-private partnership launched Wednesday at the U.N. headquarters. It is set to take form at the regional and national level next year.

The world's fastest-growing population needs our help

One year ago, leaders committed to making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality by 2030. Now, those same leaders need to make greater commitments to help refugees and forcibly displaced people. Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children, outlines three actions for leaders at UNGA that would support refugees and the countries that host them.

A long road to shared responsibility for refugees and migrants

World leaders pivoted from "watered-down" principles to "concrete" commitments at the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week — but this is just a beginning.

Inside Development

South-south cooperation at work: Inside Thailand's aid

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With more than half a billion dollars in aid over the last decade, Thailand has become a flag bearer of the idea that countries don't need to be rich to be able to give help. Devex talks to senior officials of Thailand's two major development institutions about the country's aid portfolio and why it has been a silent success.

Global Views

Ending hunger and malnutrition: How to leverage partnerships that work

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It's been a year since the Sustainable Development Goals were announced, but what progress has been achieved in relation to the goal focused on ending hunger and eliminating malnutrition? In this guest column, CARE USA's Senior Director of Food and Nutrition Security Late Lawson-Lartego discusses the role of the private sector and how to leverage partnerships to work towards achieving the goals.

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