• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersMexico
  • Founded2009

Abortion Fund for Social Justice (Fondo Maria)

The Abortion Fund for Social Justice MARIA (Women, Abortion, Reproduction, Information and Accompaniment) arises on May 28, 2009, from the legalization of abortion through week 12 in Mexico City.  They give financial, emotional and logistical support to women who do not have enough resources to access the legal abortion services available in Mexico City. They make visible the specific needs of women around sexuality and the intersections of injustice that become concrete when making the decision to abort, specifically those that have to do with the right to health, the right to information , freedom of expression and the right to education. The MARIA Fund is the first Abortion Fund in Latin America and is a member of the  National Network of Abortion Funds of the United States-NNAF , the  Latin American Consortium Against Unsafe Abortion-CLACAI  and the National Pact for Life, Liberty and Women rights. At the national level, they work in liaison with the  National Alliance for the Right to Decide-ANDAR , the SS-DF and other private services in Mexico City.  Mission Their mission is to contribute to the construction of a social context that recognizes and supports the right of women to decide on their bodies, facilitating effective access to safe abortion through information, economic support and accompaniment to empower. Vision Their vision is for Mexico to be a country where women have opportunities for choice and development through the effective exercise of their sexuality, within a framework of human rights and social justice. Goals: Provide support (financial, emotional, logistical and information) to women across the country who decide to terminate their pregnancy. Mobilize human and economic resources in favor of the right to decide of women in Mexico. Transform the abortion discourse towards a luminous, honest one that emphasizes the positive aspects that can be detonated by taking this decision in a dignified and free way.
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