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Abraxas Epsilon SA

They develop innovative IT applications that make work processes and exchanges between administrations, authorities, companies and the general public even more efficient and secure. Thanks to the seamless, seamless networking, their customers and the Swiss population benefit directly from digitization. ABOUT THEM Abraxas is the largest provider of end-to-end IT solutions for the public sector in Switzerland. Today's company Abraxas is the result of the merger of the Verwaltungsrechenzentrum AG St. Gallen (VRSG) and the former Abraxas Informatik AG. Abraxas employs around 800 people at its headquarters in St. Gallen and locations in all language regions of Switzerland. Abraxas connects Swiss administrations, authorities, companies and the general public with efficient, secure and integrated IT solutions and services. As a Swiss company, they know their customers' work processes and challenges and develop tailored, future-oriented solutions. In this way, they and their customers benefit as best as possible from the advantages of digitization.
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