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Abyrint is a management consulting firm. Abyrint is specialized in supporting governments in fragile states. These are countries that have recently emerged from conflict. Abyrint focuses on core government systems. That includes public finance, central banking, governance, organization, process work flows and technologies. All the issues that makes a government work behind the scenes. The politics are powerless without a functioning state bureaucracy. We started in 2013. Our idea was that rebuilding fragile states governments needed a high quality approach. Clients should get the same level of quality, service, and insights as provided by a high street strategy firms in the developed markets. We have had much success with this approach. There is clearly a demand in the market for high quality work. We have become a trusted adviser for fragile states governments, multilateral and bilateral institutions. Abyrint was founded in 2013 by Ivar Strand with background from PwC and the World Bank. Abyrint is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. A cool and fast moving city with an exciting start-up scene. Our work takes us to places far away. We recruit both recent graduates and experienced professionals. Most staff have training in business schools, economics and/or experience from management consulting or financial services firms. These are some of issues that concerns our clients: - How to build government capability to combat financing of terrorism and money laundering? - How to build capability to collect revenue? - How to build systems to manage public finance? - How to build national financial infrastructure? - How to strengthen civil service capability? - How to build human resource and payroll? - How to reform security sector finance? - How to supervise financial institutions? - How to make treasury and central bank operations more effective? We work day-to-day with clients in fragile states helping them through the most difficult of situations. The changes are massive, and they have shown that it is possible, and we are proud to be part of their journey! Some examples of areas in which Abyrint support clients to strengthen their capabilities:  - Central Bank core banking operations - Financial sector supervision - Government treasury operations - Payroll systems and processes - Army/Military financial capabilities - National Police Force financial systems - Central Bank financial statement and processes - Supervision of commercial financial sector - Building national payment systems - Financial governance strategies - Public Financial Action Plans - Supreme Audit Institutions - Infrastructure program for government - Presidential Delivery Unit - Counter terrorism financing and anti-money laundering - Meeting IMF and World Bank structural benchmarks Check out our webpage for more! www.abyrint.com

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