• Organization TypeIndependent/None
  • Staff251-500
  • HeadquartersJordan
  • Founded1983
Global Irrigation Solution Provider   The story began with a passionate and ambitious young man, whose heart and mind were set on a goal: creating something unique, global and sustainable. Set up in Jordan, Adritec started with a simple observation: there were vast spreads of farming land with scarce water resources, and a lack of technological solutions to overcome this problem.   In November 1982, a small local factory was founded, only to become one of the leading global irrigation solutions provider across the globe today.      Shared Values   They are selective in every aspect of how they  do business. They choose the right products that serve both the farmer's actual requirements, while also catering to their distributors’ customized needs to help them grow their market share. They only select distributors that they feel are their partners in growth, and their affiliates in success. Their distributors and partners share the same vision as theirs, and their collective values are reflected on their customers worldwide.   In tuned with the markets needs. Almost three decades of experience as a global company, with markets in all five continents across the globe, has kept us attuned and sensitive to the market’s needs, and the specific requirements of any farm. They offer the best cost-efficient solutions for the farmer, to obtain the highest productivity. By the same token, they are sensitive to their  environment. They offer solutions; they offer a way of living. Adritec’s products and services are comprehensive, customized, and respectful of the environment which they inhabit. Their sensitivity is manifested through their relationship with farmers and their land, as well as their commitment to conserve the water resources available.   They are sincere with their customers. They believe that where they are today, and who they are today, is due to their customers' faith in us, as well as their partners' constant support and shared values. Many of their clients have been with us for over 30 years, and that comes as a result of their honesty and sincerity in service. They strive to continuously improve the products and services they offer, and take in any opportunity for improving their know-how.   Why Partner With Adritec   Adritec offers a wide-ranging variety of durable, high quality irrigation products that are cost efficient. It provides you with a complete package of products and services, with superior quality standards, and competitive prices. They also offer excellent aftersales technical services from a highly experienced technical team. Almost three decades in the field, Adritec is one of the top 10 global companies that has continued to show a very steady growth, and a persistent development track record.   They know what their clients want, because they listen to their needs. Farmers and distributors alike make Adritec their primary choice due to their steady success, their clear communication, sincere service, and most of all, their ability to offer only the best of the technology available.   Their goals, Your Future   They  are a growth driven group of companies spread all over the world. They are constantly aiming at expanding, growing, and moving forward.   Their vision for the future is clear. They want to plant the seeds of a lifetime relationship with their clients built on a solid foundation. Every day is a new opportunity for us to grow with you, for you, Your Way.

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