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  • Founded2002

Advanced Accelerator Applications

AAA is an innovative medicines company focused on the development of products for targeted radioligand therapy and precision radioligand imaging. AAA currently markets 1 targeted radioligand therapy in oncology and several precision imaging products mainly used in clinical oncology, cardiology, neurology and infectious/inflammatory diseases. They also have an active research and development pipeline of investigational drugs using radiolabeled targeting molecules in multiple cancer types. Their business is structured to improve efficiencies and drive innovation. We are able to generate or reliably source radioisotopes such as fluorine 18 (F-18) and lutetium 177 (Lu-177), and conduct much of our own research and development, in addition to having in-house commercial manufacturing and marketing capabilities. AAA currently has a total of 31 sites in 12 countries, including: 19 production facilities in 8 countries (in Europe and the U.S.) that manufacture targeted radioligand therapies and precision imaging radioligands 6 sites with R&D activity Their manufacturing facilities conform to current good manufacturing practices or cGMP. This network provides the basis for our advanced manufacturing capacity, cost-efficient production, and organization of reliable product distribution.
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