African Centre for Water Research (ACWR)


  • Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting, Service Providers
  • Staff6-25
  • HeadquartersSouth Africa
  • Founded2005
The African Centre for Water Research is a legal, policy and capacity building consultancy with focus on transboundary water resources management in Africa. The center works in partnership with a range of regional and international organisations to promote the integrated management and sustainable development of Africa's water resources. The services provided by the ACWR include legal and policy analysis and development for transboundary water management, the development and implementation of capacity building programmes, applied research as well as project development and management. The mission of the African Centre for Water Research is to promote the cooperative and sustainable management and development of shared waters in southern Africa through capacity-building and applied research initiatives. The African Centre for Water Research (ACWR) aims to play a facilitative role in promoting transboundary dialogue – the mutual exchange of ideas to resolve common challenges. To achieve this aim the ACWR works in tandem with national governments, inter-governmental bodies, civil society and the private sector through brokering a safe experimental space in which the various actors can explore positive-sum options. The staff members of the ACWR have developed solid skills and knowledge in conducting capacity-building seminars and courses, applied research projects, participatory workshops and information dissemination. In addition, regional and international expertise is accessed through collaboration with networks such as the Global Water Partnership (GWP - Southern Africa), WaterNet and the SADC Water Sector. Core Values: Core values are the essential and enduring principles which permeate an organisation – guiding the way everyone in the organisation thinks and acts – both internally as well as with the outside world. These values are not dictated by fashion, politics or business sentiment, but reflect what is held as important by every member of the organisation. They are the soul of the organisation and provide a direct way of being held to account for the actions. The following are the core values of the African Centre for Water Research: Honesty, integrity and transparency will be hallmarks of dealing with ACWR. The work of ACWR is guided by independence and objectivity – ACWR does not subscribe to one specific world-view. Respect – for all individuals and their ideas, values and traditions - based on the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of South Africa. Interdependence – success is the result of the contributions of many, while failure is something with a lesson for all. Complex challenges require creative thinking and actions. The development of capacity (knowledge and experience) in the organisation, South Africa and the region is promoted and actively supported. Taking care with the work to ensure excellence in the finished product. Balance between the various spheres of life.

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